Increasing Loyalty

Enhanced CRM

Grow your loyalty base.​​​​​​​ Bridg's DMP is able to identify your most active guests that have yet to join your loyalty club and recruit them to join. Because these guests are not opted in, your abilty to identify them and reach them directly is limited. That's where Bridg comes in.

Lifecycle Marketing Engine

Complete Loyalty Registration. (P). Restaurant loyalty clubs typically have a large percentage of guests that enter the program but do not complete their registration. This dilema leaves restaurant marketers without an ability to reach and communicate to these guests. Bridg is able to identify these unique individuals, market to them using a variety of digital channels, and funnel them through the registration process.

Omni-Channel Messaging

All of this is done within a customer message platform that allows you to contact each of these customers individually and automatically (see below). What's breakthrough is that Bridg can market to your customers beyond email – using mobile, display and social media – in a profoundly cost-effective way.

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