Reactivating Lapsed Guests

Step 1: Understand Customer Behavior

Bridg provides an analysis of business health and pairs that with a live-daily feed of customer buying trends inside a single dashboard. While this type of data-sync would take a consulting firm months to complete, Bridg gets it done in a couple of days.

Once the sync is completed your marketing team can log in to the Bridg app and access insights from hundreds of millions of online and in-store sales transactions from the past several years.

Step 2: Identify an Opportunity to

Reactivate Lost Customers

Initial lifecycle analyses of restaurant customer bases almost always reveal that winning-back more lapsed customers was a large revenue opportunity for the respective brand.

Had trouble with previous direct-mail reactivation campaigns that yielded unmeasurable results? Bridg converts lapsing guests back into core customers.

Step 3: Bring Back More Lapsing Guests

Unlike most lapsed customer models—where people are considered lapsed after a pre-determined period of time—Bridg determines ‘lapsing behavior’ based on each individual buying trends.

One customer that visits daily, might be considered lapsing after 4 days, for another that only visits occasionally, it might be after 4 months. Bridg’s software is smart enough to understand this subtlety and account for it in the segmentation.

Once a dynamic lapsed customer segment is created Bridg can launch automated marketing campaigns with messaging and offers designed specifically to get customers to return to the brand.

See How Bridg Magic helped Hungry Howie's!

Bringing back lapsing guests-Hungry Howie’s improved the reactivation of their lapsed guests and gained insight into the revenue impact of their email campaigns.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ See the Hungry Howie's Case Study!

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