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Deeper look into Bridg

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Who is Bridg?

Bridg is a subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Our data and audience platform delivers the foundation for retail media network success by enabling a single source of verified shopper truth, expanding a retailers' first-party audience and strengthening targeting capabilities across their media network.

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How does Bridg fuel retail media success?

Bridg provides both breadth (new shopper identification) and depth (comprehensive transactional history, including loyalty purchases made without identification) across the entire customer base to support retail media success.

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I already have a customer data platform

We are a complement to existing marketing technologies including other CDPs! We can ingest customer data (e.g; first party/known customer) into Bridg or export unknown customer profile data into a client’s internal system to create a single source of truth across ALL customers (loyalty & non-loyalty), thereby enriching customer understanding beyond purchase behavior and making it possible to activate audiences and measure impact on sales. 

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How are clients using Bridg today?

Bridg makes customer data accessible and actionable. Unlocking the means to identify, understand and engage previously unknown in-store customers. Going beyond loyalty programs (which only capture a fraction of a brick-and-mortar’s customer base), Bridg drives a massive expansion in the breadth of targetable individuals and depth of understanding of customer purchase behavior. 

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