Privacy and Data Security

Secure & compliant customer data management

For marketing and data leaders, safeguarding customer privacy and trust is a top priority. Our privacy forward approach ensures that your brand remains in compliance with industry and legal standards, today and tomorrow.

Data stewardship rules

Privacy and compliance is the cornerstone of the Bridg offering. Our established security team continuously monitors, maintains and updates the data framework and infrastructure, and customer data is kept private and stored securely.

Consumer anonymity & privacy protection

With individual level consumer anonymity and privacy protection, Bridg delivers secure and compliant customer data management.

Industry and regulatory standards

Bridg meets evolving customer and industry requirements for scalability, privacy, and security, all while maintaining a platform open for integration across internal and external systems. Bridg is both SOC 2 compliant and CPRA ready, and we have implemented 2023 data privacy changes in CA, VA, CT, CO, and UT.

We help our clients remain privacy compliant

With individual level consumer anonymity and privacy protection, Bridg sets the standard for secure, compliant customer data management.




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