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Designed to meet the needs of your industry, our data and audience platform delivers the competitive edge you need in the form of scalable first-party insights, targeted campaigns and measurable results.

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From customer loyalty program limitations to first-party data scale constraints and a lack of unified, longitudinal customer profiles, Retail marketers need more customer insights and engagement data to remain competitive. The Bridg solution can close these gaps so you can deliver on your customers’ expectations, consistently, predictably, and profitably.

Bridg solution for Retail
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Grocers need reliable, timely customer insights to shelve and recommend the right products, personalize offers, amplify convenience—and stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. Fill every aisle with unmatched value and convenience and increase time-to-value for campaigns with the help of the Bridg solution.

Bridg solution for Grocery
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Brands and Advertisers

Finally, insight into consumer spending at individual or multiple retailers is here. We help you power campaigns and optimize spend by turning individual consumer level transaction data into insights and longitudinal profiles of all your customers. Identify and engage every customer – loyalty, non-loyalty, online and offline – at an individual level and enjoy enhanced personalization, targeting and measurement with Bridg.

Bridg solution for Brands and Advertisers
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Fuel and Convenience

Take convenience to the next level with SKU-level insights and longitudinal profiles of all your shoppers. The Bridg solution allows you to identify, understand, engage all customers, including loyalty, non-loyalty, online and offline ones.

Bridg solution for Fuel and Convenience
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Retail media networks

More customer insights, more return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). Help your customers reach their customers more effectively when you strengthen the foundation of your retail media network with first-party data at scale.

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Digital signage and interactive kiosks are the latest frontier of retail media network advertising. But before any of the signage magic can happen, retailers must shore up their first-party data insights to implement these technologies strategically and effectively within the physical store. 


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Ice cream was the big winner at the C-store during Summer 2022. Will this year be a repeat? With budgets tightening due to inflation, make sure you're positioned to serve up a strategy that responds to your local market.

Built exclusively for brick and mortar retailers and their CPG brand partners, our platform helps solve a long-standing challenge: identifying and targeting in-store customers that aren’t part of loyalty or rewards programs. With Bridg, clients can leverage credit and debit cards to expand beyond loyalty and target all customers, helping to optimize media spend and accelerating top-line growth. 

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