Fuel your retail media network with Bridg

Significantly grow your first-party customer data to create and maximize monetization opportunities by identifying, understanding and engaging unknown in-store shoppers with our data and audience platform.

You'll increase access to brand media budgets and new revenue streams, your brand and advertiser partners will gain unprecedented insight into verified shoppers, including SKU-level purchase history, and customers will enjoy an enhanced, personalized experience that drives loyalty.

Let’s talk growth!

Don’t miss out because your data doesn’t scale

You need comprehensive, actionable insights on all your shoppers for retail media network success—and you'll be hard-pressed to run your network with a loyalty audience alone. 

Brands are spending upwards of $100B globally on retail media ads—and counting* The sales margin on those ads? 70-90%.** But you can’t get there without the right insights. Reap the returns when you scale your first-party audience with Bridg.



Increase in targeted individuals



Increase in matched transactions



Increase in retail media network revenue
Convenience retailer increases Retail Media Network revenue by 15%

Is your first-party audience large enough?

If you don’t have enough first-party data, brands will be limited in how much they can spend on your media network—and you’ll be leaving money on the table.

  • For large brands, spend turns to third-party data, creating generic audiences and over-delivered impressions
  • For small brands, limited first-party data thwarts adequate measurement

We deliver the foundation for retail media success

Bridg enables a single source of verified shopper truth, expanding your first-party audience and strengthening targeting capabilities across your media network.

We help you identify unknown shoppers and expand your understanding of known ones with our market-leading offline identity resolution capabilities - so you can enjoy new accretive sales with every brand partnership.

Expand the reach of your network using our privacy-safe, unified shopper profiles with hundreds of attributes and SKU-level purchase histories to:


Enhance targeting and personalization capabilities


Improve return on ad spend (ROAS) for brand partners


Attract new brand partners and unlock brands budgets for digital advertising


Deliver closed loop campaign measurement

The Bridg platform is critical to your retail media network growth and success - creating new and profitable revenue streams, driving increased trips and basket size, and improving everyone’s bottom line. Brands and advertisers, on the other hand gain access to a massive increase in verified shoppers to enhance direct customer engagement, and strengthen their retailer partnerships.

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1P audience sufficiency for brick and mortar.

Bridg is a data and audience platform built exclusively for brick and mortar retailers and their CPG partners that powers retail media success. The platform solves a longstanding challenge – identifying and targeting in-store customers that aren't part of loyalty or rewards programs – using our exclusive offline resolution capabilities and clients' point of sale (POS) data.

Bridg clients can significantly expand their first-party data, gain access to verified shopper data across all customers, leverage credit and debit cards to expand their loyalty database, launch precision targeting, gain reporting transparency and closed-loop measurement, and unlock new monetization opportunities.

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