Identify, understand and engage all your customers

Retailers can go beyond the limitations of loyalty programs by identifying the unknown in-store customer and significantly expanding their first-party data.

And with Rippl, our data & media network, we’re unlocking collaboration between regional retailers and advertisers.

What we do

The Bridg difference

Put cookieless identity resolution to work for your business

Identify unknown in-store customers

Link point of sale transactions to all your customers. Multiple cards, multiple locations, in-store or online are all connected to a single individual—loyalty and non-loyalty.

Access previously unavailable insights

Leverage individual customer profiles with SKU-level purchase data and hundreds of enriching attributes to enhance strategic
and tactical decision making.

Drive precision targeting and measure impact

Fuel personalization at scale based on individual purchase preferences, activate audiences via virtually any digital channel and measure campaign impact using POS data.


We fit with how you already do business 

For many of our customers, Bridg is the only data and audience platform. For other clients, we complement and seamlessly integrate into their existing IT and marketing infrastructure. 

Customer data platforms (CDPs)
Activation and advertising platforms
Onboarding providers
Data management platforms (DMPs)
Measurement providers
Campaign management systems
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