Non-Loyalty Guests

Offline Identity Resolution

Understand non-loyalty customer behavior and personalize campaigns


A quick-service restaurant (QSR) client focused on increasing frequency across the entire customer base lacked the ability to analyze the behavior of non-loyalty guests, a large portion of the overall base.


The client turned to Bridg’s offline identity resolution capability to understand the behavior of non-loyalty guests and leverage the takeaways in personalized messaging.

Using our insights, they segmented the audience by trip frequency and annual value, quantifying the value of different frequency profiles. After determining the differentiated value of combo meals vs. a la carte items for trip frequency, the client began delivering personalized messages with the products that guests most frequently purchased to decrease time between trips.

Data showed that a guest who returned to the QSR within 90 days was three times more valuable annually!

If you would like to uncover deeper and more meaningful insights about all your customers, especially ones that are non-loyal, contact us today.

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