Enhance analytics & marketing

Watch your addressable audience expand – and your targeting strategies optimize – when you identify the individual behind the in-store transaction using our cookieless identity resolution solution. 

Optimized customer intelligence

Our solution is designed to deliver unique and impactful insights to power your business and marketing strategies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What data is available for analysis?

Clients get access to unified individual customer profiles, both loyalty and non-loyalty, with SKU-level purchase data, for their in-store and online purchases. We also append these profiles with hundreds of enriching attributes including demographic, socioeconomic and lifestyle so you get well-rounded and comprehensive insights on all your customers.

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Where can I access the data for analysis?

We provide every client with a private instance of a Snowflake-based data lake. Clients can use Explorer, our intuitive data visualization and query tool or leverage their SQL skills with direct access to individual customer profiles.

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How do I create audiences?

Tailor your audiences' based on actual individual purchase preferences and enriching attributes using our simple user interface (UI), intuitive visualization tool, or SQL query into the data lake.


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Where can I export audiences for activation?

Audiences, comprised of loyalty and/or non-loyalty customers, can be exported directly to The TradeDesk, Meta, LiveRamp and Google (availability TBA).

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How do we measure campaign performance?

Combine exposure and impression data or offline conversion tools from the respective platforms with your point of sale data to determine sales impact and create new levels of campaign accountability.

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