Grow your retail media network

Significantly expand your first-party customer data to create and maximize monetization opportunities with our data and audience platform.

  • Increase access to brand media budgets with expanded audience scale
  • Connect advertiser partners with unprecedented insight into verified, individual shoppers with SKU-level purchase history
  • Create enhanced operational collaboration and revenue growth with partners across trade, product innovation, and distribution



Increase in targetable individuals



Increase in transactions



Increase in retail media revenue
Convenience retailer client doubles retail media brand spend.

Increase your audience size & experience new revenue opportunities

You need comprehensive, actionable insights on all your customers for retail media success—and you'll be hard-pressed to run your network with a loyalty audience alone. Let Bridg significantly expand your addressable audience by identifying your non-loyalty customers – and increase your data and media revenue opportunities.

The Bridg difference

Help advertisers reach more of your customers

Enhance customer engagement and drive brand loyalty

Expand your first-party data

Go beyond the limits of loyalty data. Identify your unknown customers to significantly increase individual, verified customer data – and audience scale.

Create new monetization opportunities

Grant advertisers access to individual customer purchase data and enriching attributes – previously unavailable data fidelity – to create new and differentiated revenue streams.

Set the standard for closed loop measurement

Create audiences based on actual customer product preferences – even with non-loyalty customers. Use POS data, coupled with impression data, to take campaign measurement and accountability to new levels.

Bridg delivers the foundation for your retail media network success


Unlock new revenue opportunities


Offer comprehensive customer insights


Drive trips and grow basket size via increased brand spend 


Enhance targeting and personalization capabilities across all customers


Deliver standardized and transparent measurement to brand partners


Improve operational collaboration with brand partners  

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bridg provide the functionality to support insights, activation and measurement for my Retail Media Network?

Technical and non-technical users can access robust individual profiles to generate insights, create audiences that can be exported to virtually any digital destination, and measure campaign impact on sales.

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Can we utilize Bridg if we have an existing retail media platform?

We complement your existing identity resolution solution by identifying your unknown or non-loyalty customers. Bridg's cookieless identity resolution solution significantly expands your party data and provides a single source of truth across all customers. We seamlessly integrate with your current IT and marketing technology ecosystem.

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How does Bridg fuel retail media success?

Bridg provides both breadth (new shopper identification) and depth (comprehensive transactional history, including loyalty purchases made without identification) across the entire customer base to support retail media success.

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