More than just another retail media network

The Rippl data and media network unlocks collaborative and profitable retail media partnerships for regional grocers, convenience stores and advertisers. Rippl substantially amplifies and enriches retailer first party data, integrates the datasets from these retailers and provides advertisers with a single access point to a nationwide footprint of individual customers.

With Rippl, regional retailers will benefit from new and expanded advertiser investments. 

  • Increased trip frequency
  • Enhanced basket size
  • New monetization opportunities
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Regional retailers lack sufficient first party data scale due to limited loyalty member transactions and business size to warrant advertiser investment in retail media. They also struggle with the large investments required in technical, sales and marketing resources to support a retail media business.

How Rippl can help

Rippl substantially expands and enriches first-party data held by regional retailers and integrates the datasets into a national footprint of individual customers; delivering the scale necessary to garner advertiser investment.

“We are thrilled to partner with Rippl, a first-of-its-kind collaboration for regional retailers and advertisers. Giant Eagle takes a customer-first approach to everything we do, and working with Rippl is helping Leap achieve winning outcomes for customers, CPG partners, and for our brand. Rippl allows us to do this while upholding Leap’s ongoing commitment to prioritizing consumers’ data privacy.”
Justin Weinstein
Executive Vice President of Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer
Giant Eagle
“At Universal Media Inc., we are proud to provide our clients with a data-driven, consumer-centric approach that boosts their return on advertising spend. We are confident that Rippl’s unparalleled SKU-level first party data footprint across regional retailers will be a valuable addition to our existing offering, and will ensure that our clients are benefitting from multi-retailer campaigns with consistent measurement and maximum impact.”
Anne Carnathan
President & CEO
Universal Media
“National Retail Solutions (NRS) is focused on arming independent retailers with innovative solutions to compete with larger chain stores, and we see Rippl as an exciting addition that is highly aligned with our mission. Advertisers will leverage shopper data from our 20,000+ convenience store partners across the U.S., helping them uncover insights from audiences that are often difficult to reach. Our retailer partners will benefit from advertiser investments that drive increased visits and spend.”
Eli Korn
Chief Operating Officer
National Retail Solutions (NRS)
“Rippl is a game-changing introduction to the market that gives our advertiser partners a level of granularity and transparency to their shopper data that is far beyond what they are receiving from their existing investments in retail data and media. Rippl will forge productive new partnerships between regional retailers like Schnucks and some of the most prominent advertisers today, improving the shopper experience, unlocking new revenue streams, and resulting in a win for all involved parties.”
Tom Henry
Chief Data and Deputy Chief Information Officer
Schnucks Markets

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Rippl different from other retail media networks?

Rippl substantially amplifies and enriches first-party data held by regional retailers and integrates these datasets to provide advertisers with a nationwide footprint of individual shoppers. Advertisers can now effectively launch and measure multi-retailer campaigns. This approach also allows for consistent measurement and an understanding of the impact on sales, lending a new level of accountability to campaigns. 

Retailers that participate in our network will see higher campaign investment, new and expedited avenues for monetization in both data and media, and a refined synergy in partner operations which includes trade and media spending, product innovation, and messaging.

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How is first party data enhanced and expanded for retailers?

Leveraging retailer point of sale (POS) transaction data along with our proprietary, curated offline identity and behavioral census, Rippl goes beyond the limitations imposed by loyalty program data. This dynamic approach enables us to construct rich, privacy-conscious, and anonymous profiles enriched with SKU-level purchase history. These profiles can also encompass several enriching attributes, such as demographics, socioeconomic insights, and lifestyle indicators. This extends across the spectrum of both loyalty-driven and non-loyalty-driven consumer segments.

Even in instances where consumers utilize different cards for online and in-store transactions, our sophisticated matching mechanisms help ensure that every transaction is accurately attributed to a singular individual. This precision underscores our commitment to offering a comprehensive and unified perspective on consumer behavior across multiple channels.

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What other benefits can retailers see from joining Rippl?

Retailers can utilize the individual consumer profiles, which is their single source of truth across loyalty and non-loyalty for their own business analytics and marketing campaigns. 

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